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About Us

Get to know us better

What is The Red Tent?

In over 44 countries and now available to you, here in South Africa!


A gathering of women that occurs when girls & women are most in need of support, rest & reflection. This is a timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures which serves as a regular forum for empowering women’s sense of selfhood. This process enables us to integrate the disparate parts of our psyche, so we feel self-aware and empowered through greater self-acceptance.


“I didn’t realize I was growing as it happened, the process was so gentle, but I find I am different now that I have attended Red Tent circle for over a year. I am softer and more open, more comfortable with my feminine strength.”

— M.S.



The Red Tent is a movement inspired by a novel written over 20 years ago, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.


“An intense, vivid novel… It is tempting to say that The Red Tent is what the Bible would be like if it had been written by women, but only Diamant could have given it such sweep and grace.” -The Boston Globe


“In The Red Tent, women handed down wisdom through story telling inside the red tent. Today’s women gatherings, including book groups serve the same purposes. And what are they talking about? THE RED TENT. In that way, this book is a red tent. And women are passing it on.”  -The Washington Post


“Richly imagined and vividly told, The Red Tent offers a glimpse into the lives of women whose voices were silenced in the texts of heir time.”

-The Philadelphia Inquirer


Empower women who will in tern create positive change in our communities, our societies and in our world.

Changes in our culture are necessary and the women are going to build infrastructure into our lives which include support and eduction for the womanhood journey. It is time to create change at the very fiber of our cultures that will encourage good relations within our families and our communities, and most importantly, with our own selves.


It is time. The women are ready to co-create an evolved vision in the societies we live in and create a space among us where women are honored by embracing our own unique journeys of womanhood.

What happens in Red Tent?


The evening comprises of an opening circle to welcome and set the intention or topic  followed by a sharing circle where each individual gets a chance to express based on the theme or question introduced at that circle. The evening then ends off with a closing circle to gift gratitude to oneself for arriving and to the other women for their presence and participation in the group.

Education around varying topics regarding womanhood are always included and often followed up by discussions. These topics can range from menstrual cycle education to various ways of dealing with the chall

enges women face through their lives from a physical and emotional stand point.


The Sharing Circle

While other activities happen in the Red Tent, the central practice is the sharing circle. This is what catalyzes deep transformation for everyone who gathers with the intent of acknowledging their ‘less favorable side’ – their inner most secrets, self-criticism, vulnerabilities, and shame. While its easy to love the parts of ourselves that feel socially acceptable, its much harder to love those parts we feel deeply ashamed of.


One by one each of the seven of us present, a mixture of high-flying professionals and stay-at-home mothers, most of whom have never met before, take it in turns to sum up how we feel. In the past three hours we have shared food and secrets, laughter and tears as if we have known each other our entire lives. When it’s my turn to speak, all that comes out is simply ‘I feel at home.’

-Why women are gathering in ‘Red Tents’ across the UK?


Sharing circles enable us to practice attuning to our hearts truth and express our authentic feelings. This helps us to remain receptive, with an open heart, instead of becoming hard in an effort to protect our vulnerability. When we are centered and secure we find it easier to respond to life’s challenges intuitively from our own inner wisdom – like being calm in the eye of the storm.

If women don’t have a safe space in which to connect with and express their feelings, they tend to retell their latest drama from the perspective of the insecure “mind” in a social setting – such as complaining over coffee and cake. This can heighten the drama and induce greater levels of stress. This is because ‘social space’ evokes the ego (personality) whereas ‘sacred space’ evokes the authentic self – the part of us that is transparent and vulnerable but wise.


Benefits of a sharing circle include:

An opportunity to be seen and heard.

Gives space for true authentic expression.

The chance to be held, energetically and emotionally.

Insight and wisdom received through the witnessing of shared stories and experiences from woman of all ages.

Time to reflect on the past’s experiences and emotions.

Encouragement to resolve past experiences and emotions.

Development of empathy and compassion.


I believe women’s circles can change the way we show up in the world. We share the collective feminine perspective much further than we think, when we set the intention to sit in circle with each other. No longer competing, stepping on each other’s toes, we find our compassion and understanding. We challenge each other to rise out of old patterns, victimhood, limiting beliefs and co-create a new way.

-Ailsa Keppie, Red Tent facilitator

Who facilitates in Red Tent?

Although anyone can host their own Red Tent, we do work with a group of facilitators that have been trained by completing the official Red Tent facilitators course here in South Africa.


The course covers the below and more:

  • History of The Red Tent and Sister Circles
  • Public Responsibility
  • Guidelines for the sharing circle
  • Understanding the healing of:
  • – PMS and Activated Intuition
  • – Painful Periods
  • – Irregular Periods
  • – Abortion and miscarriage
  • Moons and our cycle
  • Ovulation for creation
  • Contraception
  • Sanitary Wear
  • Basic Activities, i.e; Mindfulness
  • Basic Womb based ‘Yoga’ principles
  • Guidelines for marketing
  • Good relations with other Red Tents

Public Responsibility

Although our facilitators consist of women involved in fields ranging from integrative health practice and life line counsellors to moms and philanthropists who have completed The South African Facilitators course, we do not all claim to have a degree in psychology.

Our facilitators are gently guided by experience, various counseling-related trainings as well as having the support and guidance from Francette Jerling, Red Tent facilitator and faculty member of the Synergetica Student Support Center, and registered Holistic Counsellor at the professional body, the ASCHP – Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners, on which she also serves as a board member.

All facilitators who have completed their training course are encouraged to also complete a basic counsellors course and to consider registration with an accredited Professional Body, such as the ASCHP, that will ensure that the form of supportive counseling that takes place in Red Tent is aimed at protecting the emotional wellbeing of the women in circle following a code of conduct and ethical principles, and thus not claiming the role of psychologists or psychotherapists.