Young Ladies
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Young Ladies

Welcome to Your Womanhood


Traditionally, girls would start attending the Red Tent when their bodies started to cycle with the moon. It was here they would learn about their fertility cycles & every facet of being a woman.

Not the just clinical info covered by school sex education or teen mags but the mystical understanding of their cyclic nature as a woman & how to caretake themselves on a cyclic basis.

This includes understanding the effect of the lunar & seasonal cycles on our emotions, energy levels & psychological states & how to create balance in all three with a cyclic approach to self care. This ‘Secret Women’s Business’ empowers women of all ages to honor their bodies as temples & make honoring choices.


Get in touch about starting a Red Tent with your friends or at your school!

Moms are Welcome!


Most of the women share the same story of shame and pain around their menstrual cycles and come to the circles to rectify years of neglecting and misunderstanding their bodies.

We wish to share our process with the young ladies in our community to prevent this shame and misunderstanding. We believe that with our guidance we can nurture a new generation of empowered women. Empowered women that will bring positive change to our homes, our society and our world.

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Topics we cover

  • Introduce Women to their Womb – basic biology & physical placement in the body
  • Familiarize Women with their physical PMS Symptoms – lower back pain, swollen breasts, tiredness, bloating, constipation, weight gain, moodiness
  • Familiarize Women with their Menstruation Symptoms – how to recognize the body’s messages, cramping, deep emotions, depression, anxiety,
  • Familiarize Women with their Ovulation Symptoms – cramps, discharge, deep emotions, inward reflection
  • The Moon and how it affects our Emotions
  • Painful periods and knowledge on how to heal
  • Irregular periods and knowledge on how to heal
  • How to have conversations with our mothers, grandmother or motherly figures
  • The sacredness of a period – when to share with friends, partners, parents etc
  • New healthier innovative menstrual products available on the market
  • How to activate a Red Tent circle in your community